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Tree Service In Hazel Dell, WA

The pioneers Reese and Sarah J. Anderson established Hazel Dell in Washington. Sarah gave the area its name in honor of the filbert trees that once stood on their property near the intersection of 78th Street and Highway 99. In addition, she provided the initial funding for the establishment of Hazel Dell’s first educational institution by donating the land on which it was built.

After World War II, several suburban neighborhoods began to spring up, including Hazel Dell, Minnehaha, Lake Shore, Felida, and Salmon Creek. Hazel Dell has many businesses and working-class homes in well-established neighborhoods, which include retail, restaurant, and grocery chains, convenience stores, used car dealerships, auto parts stores, pawn shops, taverns, lounges and pubs, motels, and many franchise eateries, banks, realty, medical, and dental offices.

The best part about living in such a busy city is the abundance of beautiful trees that keep oxygen flowing to its residents. Reyes Tree Service is pleased to provide a variety of tree services throughout Clark County that will benefit the community.

At any hour of the day or night, you can call Reyes Tree Service for emergency tree service, and all seniors and veterans receive a 10% discount. We value your patronship and intend to provide it with our stellar customer service. If you are interested in our tree care services, please contact us at (360) 837-7017.

Easy Tree Removal

If you’re tired of that tree causing you problems or you’re afraid it could become a safety hazard, call us right away. Tree-cutting steps can be complicated and messy. Our crew takes pride in leaving each location as clean or cleaner than when they found it. Reyes Tree Service removes trees in Hazel Dell and the surrounding area.

Efficient Trimming And Pruning

Regular tree trimming removes dead or diseased branches and prevents unruly growth. The tree can withstand storms and grow without issues. Tree trimming and pruning also improves trees’ health, growth, and beauty. Regular landscaping maintenance keeps it looking great and prevents disease. Younger trees especially need regular pruning to direct their growth.

24/7 Emergency Tree Service

Trees can damage structures in severe weather. Call Reyes Tree Service if a fallen tree has damaged your home or business. We offer 24/7 tree removal services. Need tree or storm service? We can assist you.

Storm damage requires emergency tree removal, but regular inspection and trimming can prevent many dangerous situations. Our tree care professionals can assess whether trees pose a structural threat and recommend how to safely address the issue and prevent further problems. However, tree trimming and pruning aren’t always enough to get things in order.

Comprehensive Commercial Tree Service

Reyes Tree Service provides reliable, safety-conscious commercial tree care. We have the knowledge, tools, and techniques for commercial tree services. We use cutting-edge, well-maintained tools to complete your project quickly, efficiently, and affordably. Reyes Tree Service can help with all your commercial tree service needs, whether you manage an apartment complex or want to improve your business’s appearance.

Helpful Stump Grinding

A stump’s removal may look like a simple job, but it actually calls for the use of heavy machinery that should only be operated by experts. We have a Hazel Dell crew that is well-versed in operating stump-grinding and excavating machinery without causing any damage to the surrounding area.

Keeping the stump around is a bigger hassle than having it cut down. Stump grinding is a useful service to have if you want to keep your land free and clear of pests or sucker growth. Have confidence in our helpful staff to get rid of the stump and your concerns for good!