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Expert Tree Removal In Vancouver

In many cases, hiring a tree service in Vancouver can be very useful. If a tree is taking up too much room, causing tension with the neighbors, or you simply want some fresh air, call Reyes Tree Service. Our tree care company in Vancouver, WA has been serving the community for years.

We have the skills and expertise to help you out in any situation, and we’re here for you 24/7. Reyes Tree Service provides emergency tree care around the clock, and we give a 10% discount to all senior citizens and military veterans. Helping you out is a high priority, and we plan to deliver on that. Call us at (360) 837-7017 today to learn more about our tree removal service.

When Should I Use A Tree Removal Company?

You might not like cutting down trees, but it might be necessary. Consider hiring a professional tree removal service, such as Reyes Tree Service, if any of the following occur on your property:

Knowing when a tree is sick, dying, or otherwise problematic can be difficult. We know how to conduct a thorough tree inspection and recognize any dangerous specimens on your property. If you live in Vancouver and need assistance removing trees, don’t hesitate to contact Reyes Tree Service.

Simple stump grinding services are also available to ensure that unsightly stumps are removed, avoiding potential issues like sucker growth or pest infestations.

What Types Of Tree Removal Are There?

Removing various types of trees calls for a variety of approaches. This may be the result of their height, where they are, or a combination of the two. The tree care experts at Reyes Tree Service can tailor their approach to your specific goals and property’s layout, so it’s in your best interest to work with them.

Following is a breakdown of the four most common techniques for cutting down a tree:


Most trees are cut down. Tree care professionals chop at the tree’s base until it snaps. Workers only need a chainsaw or ax and never have to leave the ground. Cutting down trees is complicated. It’s important to know where to cut the tree’s base. Not to mention that a fallen tree can harm nearby people or buildings, so it’s very important to be licensed and insured in these instances.

Pulley system

This strategy involves climbing. Cutting a tree from the top down is preferable to topping it. They climb the tree with a rope and cut off the trunk and branches. They can lower debris if needed. Slower than felling, climbing gives workers more control. If the tree is too close to other buildings or can’t be cut without damage, this may be necessary.


Tree care professionals cut the tree down in sections and remove them using a bucket. Instead of traditional tree-climbing equipment, a bucket truck (also called a cherry picker) can safely elevate workers for sawing. This can save climbers if the tree is dying or too weak.


Removal can be done with or without a crane, but that’s our final option. When our tree care experts deem it too risky to fell, climb, or use buckets, a crane is used. A large crane can do the same job as human laborers in lifting a tree.