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Tree Trimming & Pruning In Vancouver, WA

The first step in giving trees the best care possible is to trim and prune them. Trees of any size can be trimmed or pruned by Reyes Tree Service in Vancouver. We are fully capable of safely trimming and pruning your Vancouver, Washington, trees thanks to our years of experience and expert team of tree care professionals.

When we prune and trim trees, we consider not only how they function in relation to your home but also how you envision them looking and any practical constraints. In addition to providing emergency tree services around the clock, Reyes Tree Service also provides 10% discounts to all veterans and senior citizens.

Call us at (360) 837-7017 to discuss how we can enhance the health and beauty of your Vancouver trees.

Why Should You Trim And Prune Your Vancouver Trees?

Your trees should be trimmed and pruned for a number of reasons, including aesthetics and security for your property and vehicles. To keep them healthy and firm, your trees will benefit from having their branches trimmed.

Some benefits are:

Keep Your Pathways Clear

Sometimes trees have been planted in awkward spots, requiring clearance and replanting. Trees, buildings, and power lines in the area might all play a role. It’s crucial to keep your trees pruned and trimmed so that they don’t fall and cause injury or damage to your home, vehicle, or loved ones.

Beautify Your Trees

Our tree-trimming and -pruning service will help you achieve a more aesthetically pleasing result. Everyone enjoys looking at a tree that has been cared for and pruned to perfection. Crown cleaning and the removal of heavy, overly long branches can restore the tree’s natural beauty.

Reduce Risk to Your Home

Even healthy-looking trees that are sturdy and tall can pose a risk if they are near a building or power lines. Dead, cracked, or otherwise unstable branches pose a threat if not removed as soon as they are discovered. Our trained tree experts can evaluate the risk and take the necessary precautions by performing the much-needed pruning.

Allowing Your Trees To Grow Big And Strong

In order to promote the growth of a stronger, healthier branch structure in a young tree, it is important to prune away any diseased, dead, or loosely attached limbs.

Keep Your Trees Healthy

By removing a breeding ground for pests, diseases, and rot, you can improve your trees’ health. When trimming and pruning, it is important to get rid of any broken or diseased branches. Better plant growth and reduced incidence of certain diseases have both been linked to increased ventilation and lighting.

When Is It Time To Trim And Prune Your Vancouver Trees?

If you notice that your tree growth is out of control, you should consider trimming and pruning it. However, you should also plan routine maintenance for your trees.

Winter is the best time to prune and trim most landscape trees. Trees can be pruned whenever you like, but it’s best to wait until after the spring growth spurt is over and the new leaves have fully expanded before you do any serious work.

If you want to keep your landscape trees in good shape, avoid trimming and pruning them in the middle to late summer unless the work is very light. This is because some species, like the ficus, experience a growth spurt outside of their normal growing season, making them vulnerable to freeze damage.

Reyes Tree Service will be available whenever you need them to come prune and trim your trees.