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Tree stump close up in a coniferuous forest

4 Problems Caused By Tree Stumps

Many homeowners encounter the issue of tree removal at some point, which never ends with simply cutting down the tree. The stump remains, and getting rid of it is costly. As a result, some homeowners forgo the process of stump removal because of the additional costs. However, did you know that tree stumps can cause different problems that may prompt you to get rid of them? Some of the issues caused by tree stumps are described below.

1. Damaging Underground Pipes

Underground pipes usually break down as they age. However, did you know that tree roots can damage underground pipes? When the tree roots cross paths with the pipes, they cause blockages. To prevent such an issue, you should be knowledgeable about the location of the pipes in your residence so that you can plant trees far away from them. Also, plant trees that cause fewer issues, such as Japanese maples or crabapples.

2. Safety Hazards

If you’ve planted maple trees in the backyard, you’ll notice that the roots may protrude toward the surface. Such an occurrence is common on slopes because soil erosion exposes the tree roots. The surface roots are hazardous, and they’re also not appealing. As you mow the lawn, you’ll be at risk of injury when the lawn mower comes into contact with the exposed tree roots.

3. Decaying Tree Stumps Attract Pests

When the tree stumps in your yard begin to rot, they can attract pests such as beetles and ants. The stumps will take time to decay, which means your yard will be vulnerable to the damage that pests will cause. If the stump is close to your home’s foundation, you should be wary of a termite or ant invasion.

4. Aesthetic Issues

As a homeowner, the value of your property matters, especially if you’re planning to sell your house at some point. If there are tree stumps in your hard, the value of your property will decrease significantly. Why? Tree stumps aren’t attractive and may ward off potential buyers. Fortunately, there are professionals who offer tree stump removal services and they employ proper techniques that are both effective and safe.

After removing the tree stumps, you can repurpose the entire area to boost your property’s value. For instance, you can plant a new tree or flowerbed. The area can also be left clear to serve as a play area for children.

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