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5 Ways You Can Save Money by Removing Dead Trees

Trees can increase your property value as they offer shade or wind buffering. However, illness and injury can weaken or kill a tree, which may lead to future issues. Here are five reasons why it makes sense to remove that dead tree now.

1. Stop Pest Infestations

Termites, carpenter ants and bees are some of the wood-boring insect pests that can live in your trees. Animals such as rats nest in dead trees, but like all pests, they can invade other trees or even your home. Pests love failing trees and will swarm to your property as long as the weak or dead tree stands.

Removing the dead tree from your property will evict the pests and prevent them from entering your home. Infestations in your home can be expensive, so ending them before they begin can save you money. Sometimes, creatures can use a tree close to your home to enter your attic, even if the tree is still healthy.

2. Prevent Damage From Falling Trees or Branches

A falling branch or tree can cause massive damage to your property, and a dead or weak tree can fall more easily. Dead trees have a better chance of falling over during a storm, leading to property damage or injury. After an accident involving a tree, your insurance company may consider you negligent.

If a tree or branch falls on your home, car, fence or neighbor’s home, your homeowner’s insurance may not pay for it. A worse outcome is your dead tree striking a person or pet, which could leave you with medical bills. Removing your dead or sick tree is cheaper than paying for future emergencies.

3. Deal With Tree Disease

One tree dying from a disease isn’t as expensive as all your trees getting sick. Many tree diseases are contagious and can spread to your other trees and plants. One ailing tree could escalate into issues around your entire yard and cost you far more money.

4. Increase Your Safety

Removing trees saves you money and increases the safety of your yard and the surrounding area. Dead or dying trees can fall over easily and cause damage because their roots can’t support them anymore. Branches may snap off and hit people or property as your tree gets weaker and decomposes.

5. Improve Your Property’s Aesthetics

You want your property to look good whether you are trying to sell your home or plan to live there for a long time. A dying tree has missing leaves, peeling bark and brittle branches, which lower your curb appeal. This reduces the value of your property, so you’ll make less money if you ever decide to sell your home.

Our arborists can trim or remove trees to keep your yard safe and attractive. Dead tree removals can protect the surrounding area, too, since dead and dying trees fall more easily during storms.

If you have questions about removing dead trees in Vancouver, WA and the surrounding area, call us at Reyes Tree Service LLC for a free estimate.