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Residential home damage caused by trees falling on roof, a result of the high velocity winds of Hurricane.

8 Safety Tips to Follow During a Tree Emergency

A tree emergency can be a frightening and dangerous experience. Whether it’s due to bad weather or disease, a fallen tree can cause serious harm to people in the vicinity. That’s why knowing what safety tips to follow during a tree emergency is important. Here are eight safety tips you should keep in mind if you ever find yourself in this situation.

1. Stay Away

The first thing you want to do is stay away from the fallen tree and any nearby power lines. Depending on how strong the winds were when the tree fell, broken branches or pieces of wood flying around could cause serious injury if they hit someone. It’s best to keep your distance until help arrives.

2. Wear Protective Gear

If you must approach a fallen tree, it’s important to wear protective gear such as goggles, gloves, and boots. This will help protect your eyes and skin from splinters and other debris that the tree can kick up. It would help if you also considered wearing a helmet for extra protection in case of falling branches or debris.

3. Call Emergency Services

After you experience a tree emergency, it’s important to call 911 for a quick response from the local authorities and safely assess the situation before taking action. If you are injured during a tree emergency, seek medical attention.

4. Do not Attempt to Move the Tree Yourself

Never attempt to move a fallen tree yourself unless instructed by an expert or professional arborist qualified to deal with this situation safely. Moving a large tree requires special equipment and expertise, so it’s best to leave this job to the professionals if you don’t have the right tools or experience.

5. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

When near a fallen tree, always be aware of your surroundings and any potential hazards such as broken branches or hidden power lines. Ensure that everyone in your vicinity knows these risks and take extra caution to avoid them.

6. Local Regulations

Depending on where you live, there may be local regulations or laws regarding what can and cannot be done with a fallen tree. If you are unsure of the rules in your area, contact your local municipality for more information before taking action.

7. Damaged Property

After a tree emergency, it’s important to check for any damage that may have been done to property such as cars, homes, or other structures. If you find any damage, take pictures of the affected area and contact your insurance company right away so they can assess the situation.

8. Know Who to Contact

It is important to know who to call in an emergency involving trees. Have numbers for local arborists and utility companies on hand so you can reach out for assistance if needed.

Following these eight safety tips will help keep you safe during a tree emergency and ensure that everyone stays protected until professional help arrives. If you are in a tree emergency, call Reyes Tree Service LLC for help with tree removal and other tree care services throughout Vancouver, WA and the surrounding area.