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Follow These Essential Safety Practices for Tree Removal Equipment

The trees on your property are true assets, adding value and aesthetics to your home. Proper maintenance, such as regular tree trimming, is essential for keeping them healthy over the years. However, some trees are not in an ideal location in the yard. They may cause property damage by hanging over the roof or be diseased and unsightly. Tree removal service is available to cut down an unwanted tree and its stump.

Tackling a tree maintenance or removal project on your own is not always the best idea. Between the height of the branches, the weight of the limbs, and the sharp equipment, there are serious risks associated with caring for your trees. What can you do to safeguard yourself from injury while working on your trees?

Wear Protective Clothing

Limb pruners, chainsaws, and other equipment have sharp blades. Even when they are handled with care, this equipment can cause minor or severe injuries, including deep lacerations and even the loss of a limb. In addition, flying wood chips, falling branches, and even the sound of the equipment can impact your overall health and safety. Protective clothing essentials for your upcoming project include a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, work boots with steel toes, gloves, a hard hat, safety goggles, and a mask. If you plan to climb up in the tree, you should invest in a safety harness, too.

Learn How to Use the Equipment

The various sharp tools that you need to work with each have special usage and handling instructions. Whether you are a first-time user or it has been a while since you last used them, it is imperative that you research the proper use of the equipment. Watch safety videos for the specific models that you plan to use. Because of the risk of severe injury with improper use, you should never use the equipment if you are not fully confident in your ability to use it safely.

Plan Ahead

Before trimming even a few branches from your tree, take time to determine which specific areas you want to cut. Ensure that you have the proper equipment to safely do the work at hand. Consider how the branches will fall to the ground when you cut them. Think about how you can avoid personal injury as well as property damage from any falling branches. You should also plan ahead for the branch removal. While a professional tree service company will remove the debris for you, you need to make special arrangements if you are doing the work yourself. Keep in mind that storing the tree branches in your yard for even a few days can be a hazard and could lead to a pest problem.

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