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Tree Trimming Safety Tips Arborists Follow

Tree trimming includes removing excess tree branches to keep a tree healthy and ensure it remains aesthetically pleasing. In cases when they have been planted too close to one another, trees are also trimmed to prevent crowding. Because it involves special training, equipment, and experience, tree trimming is not a task a nonprofessional should normally undertake. The following are some procedures that arborists follow when trimming trees.

Checking the Job Site for Safety Hazards

Before arborists begin working, they check the job site for safety hazards. Hazards include power lines, dying trees, and broken tree limbs. When hazards are spotted, arborists remove them before they start working. When it concerns power lines, arborists will contact the utility company for assistance.

Using the Proper Tools for the Job

Using the wrong tools can be dangerous or even deadly, hence the reason it is highly discouraged for untrained people to trim trees. Arborists know the tools they must use for this task, and they make sure all tools are present before they begin.

Checking the Condition of the Tools

Tools that are in poor shape can pose safety risks such as electrical shock and injury. Tree care experts regularly analyze their tools for wear and tear and replace them as necessary.

Ensuring the Safety of Others Who Are Nearby

Tree care experts will not only keep themselves safe, but they will also take measures to ensure the safety of bystanders. Team members keep an eye out for their colleagues and communicate constantly, and they wear high visibility clothing, so they can easily be seen by others. Arborists will clearly mark off the area where they are working, and they will put up signage to alert those who are passing by. If the tree work will take place close to the road, the work team will take measures to redirect traffic.

Wearing Safety Gear

Tree care experts understand the necessity of dawning safety gear before trimming trees. Hard hats protect arborists from branches or objects that may fall from above. Goggles protect the eyes from hazards such as sharp tools, flying objects, and particles. Linemen’s gloves protect the hands from lacerations from chainsaws or trimmers. Slip-resistant shoes protect against slips and falls.

Planning Emergency Routes

Arborists will scope out the area to plan emergency routes before beginning work. Once the routes are planned, the entire work team will discuss and walk through the safety routes to make certain they can act quickly should an emergency arise. Preparedness helps minimize the impacts of accidents if any should occur.

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