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Old tree stump in park

Removing Stumps in Your Yard That Can Put Your Household at Risk

If you’ve ever had to take down trees on your property, you may be stuck dealing with stumps. Abandoned stumps may break down over the years, but they can also send up suckers or weed shoots. As they’re decaying, they will be susceptible to fungi, bacteria and pests. Removing them will require expert skill and professional grade tools.

Stump Removal vs. Stump Grinding

Depending on the species of tree and the location, grinding out a stump is usually the less invasive option. It does mean that you can’t plant another tree there, though you can use the site for plants with shallower roots.

When you grind out a stump, you get plenty of mulch and return the surface of the area to the level of the soil. However, the root ball of the tree stays in place. Many trees will simply break down at this point, and you can plant the area with grass, flowers or vegetables.

Our team will come in and grind down the stump to below the level of the soil. If your tree is prone to sprouting back from the roots, we will address that, too. We also offer stump grinding of larger roots that are prone to be troublesome.

Grinding the Stump Can Improve the Soil

As the newly ground stump breaks down, it will add nutrients back to the soil. You can leave the mulch from the tree stump and top of the root in place to help the soil hold moisture. As the stump is ground down, small chips and a great deal of sawdust will be created. All this fiber from the base of the tree will contribute to the health of the soil over time.

Insect Concerns

There are many pests that thrive in rotting stumps. Wasps and hornets may find a home in your yard. Because many of these insects are territorial, they may come back to an area near the stump year after year. This means that your outbuildings, other trees, and even your home may become a haven for stinging insects.

Getting a stump ground out during the coldest part of the year lessens the chance of a dangerous swarm. If the queen hornet or wasp is tucked deep into the stump, it will be evicted. Once the former location is gone, you should not have to worry about these insects building new nests on your property.

We’re happy to help you improve the look of your yard and lessen your risk of a tripping hazard. Our team of tree experts at Reyes Tree Service LLC in Vancouver, WA is ready to help you grind out the stumps on your property.