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Breaking a tree stump with a cutter

Call the Pros to Save Yourself the Trouble of Stump Grinding

Don’t hesitate to get rid of that tree stump in your backyard if it’s an eyesore or a safety hazard. A useful option that’s often suggested by tree services is tree stump grinding. If you use this approach to remove the stump, it will be gone forever, and your yard will look as good as new. Why hire a professional instead of doing it yourself? Here, we answer this question in depth.

Lack of Equipment

Stump grinding requires specialized equipment that you probably don’t have sitting around your property. So, it’s best to employ a professional who already has everything they need. You can rent this equipment, but if the job takes more than a day or a weekend to complete, the rental cost can quickly add up. You’re better off in the hands of a professional who won’t charge you for the equipment they already have. They also have the expertise to perform the task efficiently, saving you a lot of time and energy.

Safety Concerns

Grinding a stump can be a risky endeavor. The sharp blades on the grinding machine itself may harm the user, their property, and potentially other people. Anyone who has never used a stump grinder before will have to learn how to use it properly and take precautions to ensure maximum safety. Additionally, some wood chippings can be so sharp that they may cut through thin layers of clothes and even flesh.

Another concern is that the malfunctioning grinder you’ve purchased or rented might seriously injure you. Experts will have access to quality gear and the knowledge and expertise to use it properly. They will remove the stump safely, protecting both your property and themselves.


Hiring a professional stump grinding service relieves you of the burden of managing the physically demanding aspects of the project. After grinding the stump, a professional service will clean the area, removing the wood chips and leaving you with a smooth surface. Some companies even provide free estimates so that you can budget accordingly.

It May Require More Resources Than You Expect

It may take more than a stump grinder to remove a very large stump. Sometimes you may need shovels and wheelbarrows to remove the soil surrounding it or an ax or saw to cut into it. If you don’t already have a saw or an ax, you’ll need to invest extra money and time into acquiring and learning to use them. Experts have extensive experience and training with the tools best suited for a certain task.

Don’t let stumps remain in the ground, detracting from the aesthetic value of your yard and possibly continuing to grow roots. To avoid the hassles of trying to remove tree stumps on your own, contact us at Reyes Tree Service LLC for professional stump grinding services in Vancouver, WA and the surrounding areas. Once we’re done with your lawn, you won’t even remember that a tree was there once!