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Healthy Trees Still Need Trimming and Pruning to Maintain Their Vigor

Arborist man cutting a branches with chainsaw

Whether your property is planted with new trees or graced with established trees, it’s a good idea to schedule an appointment with an arborist to review their condition. Trees that have never been trimmed may be full of rubbing branches, increasing the chance that the tree will become diseased. A general trimming can be done […]

Tree Stumps Can Cause Trouble — Look Out for These Warning Signs

A Stump Grinding Machine Removing a Stump from Cut Down Tree

When you have a tree taken down, you might think that your problems are behind you. However, the stump itself could cause some problems. Keep reading to learn about when a tree stump should be removed. Tripping Hazard If you have a tree stump on your property, you may have developed the habit of walking […]

What Should You Do After Storms Wipe Out Your Trees?

A large oak tree falls on a small house during a summer storm, caving in the roof and room under it.

When the weather gets extreme, it can leave a trail of damage in its wake. Severe storms can lead to downed trees, broken branches, and fallen limbs, which can all create hazardous situations that need immediate attention. This kind of damage can occur anywhere and anytime, and dealing with the aftermath of a storm can […]

Trimming Trees to Protect Power Lines

A Tree Surgeon trims trees using a chain saw and a bucket truck

Trees are beautiful and essential components of our environment, providing shade, clean air, and habitat for wildlife. But when they come too close to power lines, they pose severe threats to public safety and can even cause blackouts if not addressed promptly. Regular tree trimming serves an essential purpose, protecting power lines from potential outages […]

Top 6 Signs Your Tree Should be Removed

Trimming tree with electric saw - environmental labor

Regardless of a tree’s age, there may come a time when it needs to be cut down. From disease to root problems, trees can become a problem for any homeowner. Get to know the top six signs that tell you a tree should be removed as soon as possible. 1. Ground Heaving Trees can be […]