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A Properly Pruned Tree Will Thrive and Enjoy a Long Life

It’s important when considering tree maintenance to consider that there’s a difference between trimming and pruning. By trimming a tree, you address the overall shape and keep it balanced, taking out diseased or damaged branches. Pruning a tree is about cleaning out and shaping the canopy and promoting the healthiest growth possible.

Why Remove Healthy Branches?

There are many good reasons to prune a healthy branch from a tree. If a tree is especially crowded, it may be vulnerable to wind damage. If the wind can’t get through a crowded canopy, the tree may develop mold or other fungi.

Arborists can bring a lot of expertise to your yard. They’ll know what diseases are currently spreading. They’ll know which if any of your trees are vulnerable. They can also check out your neighborhood and yard to note which trees can be putting your new trees at risk.

Taking Weight Off Your Trees

If you have a tree that is badly overgrown or showing signs of disease, a harsh pruning may be necessary. This decision to take out healthy branches will take time and careful planning. Dead branches that are without leaves are generally lighter; all moisture has likely evaporated. Branches loaded with leaves are also full of liquid can make these branches incredibly heavy.

This pruning process may require arborists to start high in the tree; if a long branch has to go, taking weight off in chunks from the top may require a bucket truck or extended ladder. Any dropped branches may need to be hauled off for safe disposal if the tree shows signs of disease.

Careful Monitoring for Effective Growth

Once a very crowded tree has been cleaned up and cleared out, it will need to be monitored. Cutting away a thriving branch may lead to fluid leakage at the cut site, which may draw dangerous insects and put the tree at greater risk of fungal or bacterial infection.

A tree professional will be able to treat the tree effectively before any of these pests or infectious agents cause lasting damage. Regular tree inspections, at least every six months, are a good idea until the cutting wounds are fully sealed. Be aware that signs of disease in a tree can be quite subtle; it may not be possible to see that a tree is infested until major damage is done.

Young trees are more flexible and tolerant of storms and infection. As a tree ages, the older growth becomes more brittle. To ensure your trees are healthy in your Vancouver, WA yard, book tree trimming or pruning services with Reyes Tree Service LLC to promote overall health.