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Even Flourishing Trees Can Become Overcrowded and Need to Be Removed

When you live in a climate where trees flourish, you may need to get a tree removed in high summer. To make sure that your tree is removed safely with regard to buildings, landscaping, and nearby trees in the area, an arborist may need to use special tools to safely remove a problem tree in summer.

Benefits of Summer Tree Removal

If there’s a chance of a fungi or pest that can spread to your other trees or throughout your neighborhood, the condition will show up in the leaves. If you have a tree that is infested or infected, you can get it treated. If it’s dying, you need to get it removed and get the waste from the tree taken away and disposed of properly.

A tree that is too close to the property line may also need to come out. To safely remove a tree on a property line, you’ll likely need your neighbor’s support and permission. To make sure that the process is done safely, an arborist may need to bring in a crane.

Taking out a tree with a crane allows an arborist to extend over to the tree from a safe distance, remove troublesome branches that are hanging directly over a fence, and drop them in a “safe zone” or patch of ground away from your neighbor’s property. Because these large pieces of equipment are quite heavy, it may be much easier to get tools, such as cranes or bucket trucks, settled and leveled on the dry soil of summer.

Challenges of Summer Tree Removal

Summer weather can mean strong breezes and intense storms. If the wind comes up while an arborist is working in a leafed-out canopy, there’s a chance that branches will not drop as intended.

Even if an arborist is simply felling a tree, it may be necessary to remove branches that can damage other plantings on the way down. Leaves add to wind resistance and can cause a falling branch or falling tree to head in a different direction than intended.

Insects and pests are also more active during summer the months. If your tree is hollow and pests have moved in, from raccoons to stinging insects, the tree removal process may be delayed. Critters may need to be trapped and bees relocated. To make sure that the tree removal goes as planned, an arborist will need to confirm that your trees contain no surprises.

If you need help with a problem tree removal on your Vancouver, WA property, contact Reyes Tree Service LLC for guidance on the safest way to address the issue.