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6 Sustainable Tree Removal Practices

Removing trees isn’t something homeowners generally do too often. However, there are times when trees need to be removed. Below, we discuss sustainable tree removal practices to consider.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is an environmentally friendly approach to tree removal. You’ll also benefit from having extra space to plant a garden, which is good for the environment as well. The material from the stump can even be used for mulch around other trees or in your garden.

Biological Stump Decomposition

Biological stump decomposition involves the use of microorganisms and fungi. These natural materials break down the stump over time. It’s a slower process that leaves you with a naturally decomposed stump. If anything remains, a shovel can be used to break up what’s left. This technique can also be used for tree stumps that are older on your property, especially if they are affecting the appearance of your outdoor spaces.

Manual Stump Removal

Hand tools are used to grind stumps with this technique. The process is more time-consuming, although it’s an eco-friendly approach to tree removal since no machinery is used. It’s also sustainable since the materials used can be repurposed throughout your yard.

Repurposing Tree Material Above the Stump

The material above a tree can be repurposed as well. It’s often possible to grind tree branches into finer material. This material, which includes old leaves or currently growing leaves if the tree is still relatively healthy, can be reused in your yard. It can even be mixed in with fertilizer, which may include other natural materials and organisms. The material removed can also be stored and used later on in the season.

Protecting Nearby Trees

Steps should be taken to protect trees next to the ones you are having removed. This is sustainable since you don’t want to damage healthy trees. The good news is an experienced tree removal service normally does this when preparing for tree removal.

Planting New Trees for Each One Removed

One other step you can take is to plant a new tree for each one that’s removed. Choose trees appropriate for your property. Pay attention to details such as how tall each tree grows. This is important since you don’t want trees that will become a potential problem later on. You may also want to consider fruit-bearing trees, which reward you with fruit you can use for tasty summer dishes.

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