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The Importance of Tree Trimming

What people don’t know is that trees can be dangerous things. They are incredibly thick and heavy. When they fall, things under or near those trees can be put at risk. This is especially the case for big heavy branches that can become damaged due to severe weather or other causes. To prevent potentially severe damage or injury, it is best to be proactive.

The Dangers of Tree Branches

Tree branches can cause some serious problems. Dangers you must consider include:

  • Weak branches collapsing and falling on loved ones
  • Branches becoming dislodged and ramming into your home
  • Branches depositing leaves into gutters
  • Branches causing water and moisture to enter into your home
  • Branches and leaves contributing to ice dams on your roof
  • Branches catching your house on fire after a lightning strike
  • Pests like rodents and insects using branches as an access point into your home

Overgrown limbs can be both a nuisance and a danger to you and your family. This list also doesn’t consider how aesthetically displeasing an overgrown tree can be in front of your home. It can cover up windows and badly affect your curb appeal.

The Benefits of Tree Trimming

One of the best solutions to these issues is to hire professionals to trim the branches of your trees. This will produce a number of great benefits for your family, such as:

  • Being safe from weak, falling branches
  • Trees being neater and more aesthetically pleasing
  • Home possibly increasing in value due to curb appeal
  • Fewer leaves getting into your gutters
  • Home being safer from concerns like extreme weather
  • Trees being healthier and less prone to disease

These are only a few of the benefits that tree trimming will provide for you. Certain trees will only need to be trimmed every few years. Others should be trimmed every year or even on a bi-annual basis based on the species of tree and how its branches grow. Whatever the case, trimming the branches of your trees should be part of responsible home ownership, just like mowing your grass and clearing weeds.

The Dangers of Trimming on Your Own

The big difference, however, is that tree limbs are far more dangerous than lawnmowing for most homeowners to handle. If you cut a limb incorrectly, it could mean injury or even death. A limb can easily fall on top of you if you cut incorrectly. It could also hit the tool you are using, such as a chainsaw, and cause that tool to make contact with your body.

All these reasons are why you should hire professionals to cut your trees’ limbs. If you live near Vancouver, WA, the best tree trimming and pruning service you can hire is Reyes Tree Service LLC. We have years of experience servicing the state and are known for doing an excellent job making trees safer and more beautiful for Washington families.