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How Tree Inspections Identify Trees That Need to Be Removed

Trees are a great way to add natural shade and cover to your property. Trees also provide fresh air and enhance the ambiance of your yard when cared for properly. However, there are instances where you may need to remove a tree from your property. Sometimes, a tree may pose a hazard to your safety, your home, or your belongings. In other cases, removal may be best for the tree or other nearby plants. Consult with a professional tree company to have your trees inspected. This inspection will help you identify any trees that need to be removed.

Leaning or Unstable Trees

A structurally compromised tree poses a serious risk of injury and property damage. Wind and lighting are major contributing factors to damaged trees. Soil erosion and root rot also contribute to the structural safety of a tree, with exposed or rotting roots causing the tree to be unbalanced.

Dead or Dying Trees

Dead branches are at risk of falling, creating a huge safety hazard. If a tree has died completely or has many dead limbs and branches, it should be removed to prevent limbs from falling and damaging property or causing personal injury.

Root Concerns

Rotting roots can be a major cause for concern with your trees. As roots rot away, the tree will receive less nutrients, leading to an unhealthy state. Rotting roots can also cause the stability of your tree to falter, leading to a dangerous situation if the tree falls.


As trees grow, they may grow too close to other trees or plants. If this happens, there may not be enough space for all of your greenery to stay healthy and thrive. When multiple trees grow close together, it may be best to weed them out.

Insect Infestations

Insects are an important part of the circle of life. However, they can also wreak havoc on your trees and other plants. Some invasive insects such as the emerald ash borer, European gypsy moth, and many beetle species can be deadly to your tree and spread to other trees nearby. If your tree has been infested with an invasive species or experienced serious damage from insects, it should be removed.


Just like humans, trees are susceptible to diseases. Some tree diseases can be cured or managed with the help of a tree professional. Others may be deadly over time, indicating a need to remove the tree before it becomes unsteady or spreads disease to nearby trees and plants.

Sunlight and Shade

We love trees for the shade they provide. However, too much shade can be a problem if it inhibits the growth of nearby plants. In this case, you’ll need to weigh the pros and cons of removing the tree or relocating the other plants.

Trees are a great way of enhancing the aesthetics of your property, and they can provide many benefits. However, there are certain cases where trees may need to be removed whether for safety or practical reasons. If you need help with tree removal on your Vancouver, WA property, call the tree experts at Reyes Tree Service today.